‘Paraclesis’ – Sharing the Journey

Following on from the ‘Paraclesis’ Course last year a number of people filled in ‘Journey Cards’. Having experienced various life events themselves they are now offering to walk alongside others who might be going through similar things.

In summary, help can be offered to those facing up to bereavement or struggling with depression. Help can be offered to those who find themselves as single parents with all the challenges that that brings – particularly with teenage children. Offers of help have also been made to those facing serious illness, or coping with life-changing/life-threatening surgery. Help can also be offered to those facing financial crisis or dealing with life-changing experiences or traumatic events.

If anybody, currently facing up to any of these things, would appreciate someone walking alongside them then please speak to James (Vicar), Stephen (Curate) or Katrina (Lay Reader).

It must also be added that, even if none of the above concerns apply to you, but there are other concerns that you would like to talk to someone about there are people ready to listen and journey with you. Again please speak to James (Vicar), Stephen (Curate) or Katrina (Lay Reader).

Selsey Walking & Outdoor Festival

Saturday 26 May 2018

10.30am Four Churches Walk
10 miles, 6 hours approx.

A wonderful walk from Hunston to Selsey visiting four churches along the way. We stop for refreshments at St Stephen’s Church and then visit St Leodegar’s Church, St Mary Our Lady where we stop for a picnic and St Wilfrid’s Chapel. An opportunity to find out the history of these beautiful churches. We will also be walking through Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve. Bring your own picnic and drink (and money if you wish to donate for the refreshments at North Mundham).

£2.00 per person.

Tickets can be booked here.

Meet at Hunston Car Park near the canal at 10.30am. PO20 1NR

Contact Ann 07722 827 220 for more information.


ROOTS youth group is on this Wednesday at the Cabin, St Leodegars Church, Hunston.
6.30 – 8pm for school years 9 – 13
All are welcome, £1 subs

Contact Alistair for more info 07780 875837 or akghinn@gmail.com

Lighthouse and Solid Rock youth groups next meet on Wednesday 18th April after the Easter holidays.

Urgent need for a new Churchwarden at St.Stephen’s!

With just over a month to go until the APCM there is an urgent need for a new Churchwarden at St.Stephen’s. Robert Leeder and Clare Leppard are our current Wardens and they are both excellent. However, Clare is now standing down, having already very kindly done a year longer than she intended to! A replacement is urgently needed. If this is a role that you would consider taking on (maybe God is prompting you even!) then please do speak to me or to Clare or to Robert.

Thank you

Information on Scams and Fraud

On Monday 16th April, at 2pm in St Stephen’s Room, PCSO Richard Moorey will do a presentation in relation to scams and fraud. The presentation is about Scams & Rogue Traders. It will take between 45 – 60 minutes. He will first talk about a number of the most prevalent scams – these being courier fraud, computer fraud and investment fraud. He will then talk about door to door

rouge traders, how to get rid of them and a short input on trading standards.

Finally he has a short DVD of approximately 15 minutes giving real life examples of victims of fraud (has a great impact).   

Cornerstone Team