Chichester Homelessness Project

Please do come to a meeting to hear about the plans for Chichester churches to provide shelter and care for the homeless in Chichester over the winter months. The PCC is committed to helping to support and resource this new local initiative.

Please do join me at the meeting it will be good to hear more.

Date: Wednesday October 17th Venue: St.Pancras Time: 7.30pm


in which it is thought thousands have perished.

Donate to BEATS* by one of the following methods:

1. Cheque (UK sterling only): to ‘BEATS’, 47 Arnold Way, Bosham. PO18 8NJ. (Write ‘tsunami’ on back of cheque)
2. BT My Donate: (or via the BEATS website homepage).
3. Cash given to one of the BEATS’ trustees.
4. Direct transfer, email or phone for details
Tel/Text/WhatsApp: 07940 454420

*BEATS will not necessarily use this money in the initial aftermath of this disaster. It will collect and save in order to help in the months and years ahead, after the larger NGOs have helped with the clean-up operation. BEATS will find trusted Christian partners, with whom we can have good communication, who can administer our funds wisely and appropriately, keeping careful records of financial out-goings. We aim to help with longer term support; we will evaluate the impact of this disaster and what regeneration is needed. Any monies donated that are surplus to requirements will go into BEATS general fund, to help victims of other disasters. 100% of your gift will reach South East Asia.

Ibumu Refresher Evening

We heard very exciting news at the Ibumu Refresher Evening. The secondary school in Ibumu is open! The ringbeam on the laboratory is nearly finished and some roof trusses are ready. Ibumu has electricity. All has been funded by the villagers themselves! There is still a lot more to do – with corrugated iron sheets, timber and nails needed to complete the roof and more furniture needed for the students (not all have a desk and chair).
I (Linda) have updated my blog with lots of details and photos of the developments in Ibumu:
Please pray for:
• Pastor Hepelwa Batazarli, his wife, Esther and baby Prosper and the church in Ibumu
• Village leadership, in particular the Village Chairman (Mwenyekiti) – that they will work together well
• The school and all the students attending
• Headmistress Naja Msokwa and the staff
• The completion of the school buildings and the furniture and equipment that is needed
• The renewal of relationships between Ibumu and EI and my churches
• Emmanuel International staff in Tanzania
(A huge thankyou to Linda for organizing a very interesting evening, It really doesn`t feel like it was three years ago.)

We are very encouraged about the secondary school at Ibumu that has opened in July 2018 and to hear about the progress on the laboratory building. There is a lot that still needs doing. Please pray! If you feel called to also financially support this, please speak to Linda Fitzmaurice (or email about how to do this.