Prayer List

We’re delighted to be able to pray for people and so please do use the pew sheet to name before God those in need so that we might pray for them in our weekly intercessions as a church.

All names listed on the pew sheet will be there for four weeks. If it is possible to give some indication of that person’s particular prayer need that is always helpful and can then better inform our prayers for them. Needless to say, we can continue to pray for those in need in our own devotional times but after four weeks they will be taken off the church list unless specifically asked to remain on it.


GDPR – Prayer List

Under the new GDPR regulations names should not be printed in the prayer list without the individual’s permission. Therefore, in future can you ensure that an individual is willing to have their name added to the list.

The current prayer list will be cleared down at the end of June.


Prayer Meeting – Tuesday 19 June

9.15 – 10.15 at the Cabin, St Leodegars Church, Hunston.

We will have a particular focus on the REDLANDS camps, praying for all involved.

All are welcome

Letter from the Diocese

We have received a letter from the Diocese warning of a spate of break-ins in recent weeks in churches across the Diocese (including Barnham and Aldingbourne). Congregations are encouraged to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in and around their church buildings and to report it to the Police at the time on either 101 non-emergency or 999 emergency.
As always, please make sure that valuable items such as silver plates are locked away as appropriate in order to minimise the chances of opportunist theft during open hours and reduce the likelihood of valuables being stolen if there was a break-in at a time when the church is closed.

PCC Members

Could all PCC Members please make sure that you have a passport style photo (only you can smile in this one!) to give to Suzy and Barry for the websites and also to Gillian (PCC Secretary) for the noticeboards. We did this a couple of years ago and it is helpful in enabling people to put a name to a face.

Many thanks

Archdeaconary Pilgrimage

As part of the Diocesan Year of Prayer you are invited to take part in a pilgrimage to Chichester Cathedral on Saturday, June 9th. We meet at the Hunston canal bridge at 10.30am and then make our way to the Cathedral for a Eucharist at 12noon followed by a ‘Bring & Share’ lunch. The pilgrimage will be led by Bishop Mark and the Archdeacon of Chichester, Douglas McKittrick. If you would like to come please sign up at the back of church.  Thank you.  James