Prayer for 4th week of Advent

God our Father, the angel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary
that she was to be the mother of your Son.
Though Mary was afraid, she responded to your call with joy.
Help us, whom you call to serve you,
to share like her in your great work
of bringing to our world your love and healing.
We ask this through Jesus Christ,
the light who is coming into the world.

Lord Jesus, Light of the world,
blessed is Gabriel who brought good news;
blessed is Mary your mother.
Bless your Church preparing for Christmas;
and bless us your children who long for your coming. Amen

Barry Hutchinson – Lymphoma update

As many of you are aware, I was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma cancer in June 2015 and underwent four months of chemotherapy that year. This was then followed by a bi-monthly injection of rituximab, with my last treatment being a couple of months ago. I recently met with my consultant for further tests and was informed the good news that they “could no longer find any sign of lymphoma”. As my type of cancer is supposed to be ‘incurable’, this is really amazing news! Jo and I just wanted to thank you all again for your continued prayers over these last couple of years – yet again proof that prayer does work.

Lighthouse and Solid Rock

Lighthouse and Solid Rock youth groups are on this Wednesday at The Annexe, North Mundham Village hall.

Lighthouse 5.45 – 7pm for school years 3 – 5

Solid Rock 7 – 8.15pm for school years 6 – 8

All are welcome, £1 subs.

Contact Alistair for more info 07780 875837 or

Dates for the 2018 diary.

REDLANDS camp for yrs 5 & 6 is 22nd – 24th June

REDLANDS camp for yrs 7 – 13 is 29th June – 1st July

Full details and booking forms will be available in early January

Paraclesis Journey Cards

It’s been a great experience working through the Paraclesis Course these last few months. The underlying conviction of Paraclesis is ‘Coming alongside others’ and ‘Journeying together’.

With that in mind, we are giving out Journey Cards with our pew sheets over the next couple of weeks. What you do with these cards is entirely up to you – they may be something you find helpful, they might not be. However, if having worked through the Paraclesis material you feel that you have something that you would be willing to share with others – an experience, a big life event, an understanding of something – then please do fill in a card and put it in the box at the back of church. This is your gift of journey that you have to share with others. Likewise, there might be something that you are going through now that you would like others to walk with you through. There is space to note that on the other side of the card.


Finally, please be assured that all information given will be treated confidentially and will only be handled by the Church pastoral staff: James, Stephen and Katrina.   James


On Wednesday 6th December, Lesley Smart will be with us again with her lovely special jewellery & gifts for sale.  All proceeds will go to the church.









Following the success last year with the Post Box. We felt it should be available again this year.

As you can see the St Stephen`s special delivery post box is out and ready for you to place your cards in.

It will remain at the back of the church until Wednesday 13th December, when Cornerstone will empty and sort for collection on the 20th