James’ 4 points about ‘Giving’

1. Thank you to everybody who so generously gives to our church. it is massively appreciated.
2. If you don’t yet give please do seriously consider it. Do please speak to either of our Treasurers about it. Mike Freeman at St.Stephen’s: st.stephenspo20@gmail.com or Mike Waite at St.Leodegar’s: mikewaite169@gmail.com
3. If you do give but don’t use the Parish Giving Scheme please would you give that some careful consideration. Please do speak to either Treasurer or to Arthur Broadhurst: 606757. (you can still use the PGS even if not a tax payer).
4. If you do already give please just take a moment to review what you do give. I know for myself that I can set up Direct Debits and then just leave them running when actually raising them by a few £’s every couple of years in keeping with rising costs is important.
Any further questions/queries do feel free to contact me on 782003.


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