in which it is thought thousands have perished.

Donate to BEATS* by one of the following methods:

1. Cheque (UK sterling only): to ‘BEATS’, 47 Arnold Way, Bosham. PO18 8NJ. (Write ‘tsunami’ on back of cheque)
2. BT My Donate: (or via the BEATS website homepage).
3. Cash given to one of the BEATS’ trustees.
4. Direct transfer, email or phone for details
Tel/Text/WhatsApp: 07940 454420

*BEATS will not necessarily use this money in the initial aftermath of this disaster. It will collect and save in order to help in the months and years ahead, after the larger NGOs have helped with the clean-up operation. BEATS will find trusted Christian partners, with whom we can have good communication, who can administer our funds wisely and appropriately, keeping careful records of financial out-goings. We aim to help with longer term support; we will evaluate the impact of this disaster and what regeneration is needed. Any monies donated that are surplus to requirements will go into BEATS general fund, to help victims of other disasters. 100% of your gift will reach South East Asia.

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