A Christmas Present for your Church

With Christmas fast approaching, it is time to get on with some shopping for presents. Some of you might well have finished already? Have you forgotten something? A gift for the Church maybe? We are launching “A Christmas Present For The Church” at the Carol service on the 23rd and would be delighted if you could bring a donation to our Carol Service this Christmas.

Sorry to have to talk about money but our expenditure far exceeds our income (in 2017 we had a deficit of £5745, 2018’s is greater than that at the moment). We are trying to reduce costs where we can. The biggest expenditure is the Diocesan Parish Contribution that that stands at £35,493 (up from 2017), followed by staff cost (Organist, Youth Leader and Cleaner) and running expenses (water, electricity – high in the winter months for heating). One way to improve the money situation is to increase income from giving, which is why we are launching “A Christmas present for the Church”. Please help to keep our church open for everyone in our community.

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