News of Eileen Murphy, our former SAMS Link Missionary

Some of you will remember Eileen Murphy who was headmistress of St Andrews’s School, Asuncion, Paraguay and for a number of years was our SAMS Link Missionary, making several visits to our parishes. I received from Eileen H prayer letters from Beryl Baker, a nurse, who has been working in the Paraguayan Chaco for (probably) over 40 years. Beryl makes regular trips to Asuncion and knows, and is friends with, staff from St Andrews’ School. Beryl Baker did nursing training and went out from St Paul’s Church, Northumberland Heath, Erith. Eileen H lived in the area for many years and although she has moved still keeps several of us who have moved away up to date with news of Beryl.

A few months ago, Beryl’s email said that Eileen Murphy was in a hospice in Northern Ireland. In her email sending Beryl’s latest prayer letter Eileen H said that she believed Eileen Murphy had now died. I have recently told Eileen H of our link with Eileen Murphy, and as Eileen H now receives the SAMS Ireland magazine she will look out for any article about Eileen Murphy and will no doubt let me have any further information.

Some of you may recognise the names of Megs and Gwen, who both taught at St Andrews School for 37 years. News from Beryl is that Megs and Gwen have now retired. They both worked with Eileen Murphy for some years, and are also friends of Beryl.

Maggie Rozier

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