The Big Church Day Out

The Big Church Day Out (BCDO) is the UK’s largest annual gathering of the wider church that creates a space for all denominations and ages to gather (quite local at Steyning) each year for two exciting days of worship and celebration. Whatever your age, denomination or musical taste, everyone is welcome to the join us at the Big Church Day Out for an amazing time away with your friends and family, creating memories together that you will never forget. One can attend by the day, or Camp for the weekend (Friday PM to Monday AM).
In order to obtain the best prices, we are piggy-backing on the back of Opengate Church (Bognor Regis) booking. We and you will independently attend/camp without any need to be with Opengate – we simply all benefit from a group booking. Costs start off at £51.00 per adults for the weekend, £45.00 for age 4-16, and then £20 an adult to camp & £10 a child. These prices significantly reduce the more people join the group.

Here is the link to make your direct booking:

or just contact Alistair and he can assist you with your booking.

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