Deanery Confirmation

Sunday 17th November at 3:30pm

St Paul’s Church, Chichester

It’s wonderful that 6 members of our congregation are preparing for confirmation, please pray for them. You might like to use the following prayer from the Confirmation Service:

“Heavenly Father, by the power of your Holy Spirit you give your faithful people new life in the water of baptism. Guide and strengthen (Alfie, Andrea, Beatrice, Isabelle, Hebe and Noah) by the same Spirit, that (they) who are born again may serve you in faith and love, and grow into the full stature of your Son, Jesus Christ, who is alive and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit now and for ever.”

You are all invited to join us in St Paul’s on 17th, and share with our candidates this special moment in their Christian journeys.

Thank you. Stephen

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