Urgent Vacancies in St Stephen’s Church

St Stephen’s Church urgently require the following:

North Mundham PCC Treasurer
Job description
1. Maintain the records of all receipts and payments (in Xero)
2. Maintain the bank accounts and online banking facility
3. Make payments
4. Ensure all receipts are banked correctly
5. Calculate the monthly wages for the organist and report to HMRC
6. Prepare reports, payments and fund balances for the PCC
7. Prepare the annual financial statements for the PCC
8. Arrange for the independent examination of the annual financial statements
9. Arrange annual insurance and utility contracts

North Mundham PCC Stewardship Officer
Job description
1. Maintain the Parish Giving Scheme
2. Consider the needs of the church activities financially and encourage all members of the congregation to give
3. Maintain the gift aid registers and submit gift aid claims
4. Raise funds from other sources by applying for grants from trusts, foundations and other sources where required.

Please contact the church wardens if you are interested in this position.

Lynn Mears and Robert Leeder

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