All Age Service and Supports no 6 (bringing church ++ to you)

Dear Friends, Parents and Carers

here’s the YouTube link for our All Age Service and Supports

I do hope it’s a great help and encouragement for you in these extraordinary circumstances.

Feel free to forward it on to anyone else.

Each week I sift through and filter the vast array of resources being shared on the internet, and this week I’ve attached 5 as listed below.

  1. Children’s worksheetabout this week’s service theme: including a word search, crossword, maze and a picture for colouring.
  2. The game ‘DINGBATS’, with the answers from last week.
  3. 3 Things Kids Need Right Now during COVID-19
  4. 3 Ways to Have a Grumble-Free Quarantine
  5. 6 Ways COVID-19 Can Bring Families Together if We Let It

On previous weeks I’ve supplied these articles below… do let me know if you’d like any sent to you.

  1. 5 Dos and Don’ts of Home schooling Your Older Student During COVID-19
  2. 6 Expert Tips for Home schooling During Quarantine
  3. 9 Steps to Care for Your Mental Health during the Coronavirus
  4. 10 Comforting Bible verses to memorize during the coronavirus quarantine:
  5. 50+ Child friendly Jokes and riddles
  6. How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus without Instilling Fear
  7. 5 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy During Quarantine
  8. 5 Powerful Prayers for Peace amidst Pandemic Fear
  9. 5 Steps to Fearless Parenting in the Wake of Coronavirus
  10. 10 Powerful Prayers for Everyone Affected by the COVID-19 Crisis
  11. 6 Tips to Make Quarantine Home-schooling Easier and More Rewarding
  12. Why Everyone Is Emotionally on Edge Right Now, and Why That’s Okay
  13. 10 Ways Coronavirus Can Change Your Life for the Better
  14. Do we really want to revert back to ‘Normal’ after  Quarantine

I’m including on our ‘SUPPORTS’ section of the playlist, a weekly video release that my son Nathan has created for the youth of St Mary’s Fetcham where he’s their youth worker.  Feel free to send either Nathan or me any results from the fun challenges he sets.

Plus here’s the excellently Scouts website with over 100 great indoor activites.,Pairs&setting=Indoors

REDLANDS 2009 older camp video is also on the playlist 🙂

Do get in touch with any feedback or suggestions for future offerings.

If your child would like to video themselves doing a reading or other script etc do get in touch, I’d love to include them.

My plan is to send a fresh emailed offering each week during this Coronavirus, do let me know if you’d like to be removed from this mailing.

Love and prayers


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