Re-opening of our churches for services of worship

Dear Friends

It’s great news that our churches are now open for private prayer (St Leodegar’s on Saturdays from 1pm – 4pm and St Stephen’s on Sundays and Wednesdays also from 1pm-4pm) and  we hope that many of you will be able to take the opportunity to spend a bit of time, praying quietly, in one or other of our churches. Thank you to those who are making this possible.

You will also be aware of the government’s announcement this week that, from 4th July, churches can provide services of worship, although without singing. This, also, is great news and we look forward to the day when we can begin to meet and worship together, whatever form that takes.

At this stage we are awaiting guidance from the Diocese as to what we will be able to do and what measures we need to put in place. As you will appreciate, once we know this guidance, we will need to take time to put appropriate measures in place, both to provide the best form of worship we can and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all who come.

In view of this, we wanted you to know that we will let it be known, through our various forms of communication, when our services will restart and what form they will take. We hope it won’t be too much longer but please do wait for further advice.

Thank you

Stephen, Kat, Joan, Lynn, Peter and Robert

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