Quiet Gardens at Fishbourne

When lockdown occurred and we were unable to hold our Quiet Garden meetings at Fishbourne, we had expected that, in time, we would be able to take up the programme where we left off.  It is quite obvious now that this will not be happening.  The freedom to ‘be’, which is such an integral part of Quiet Garden, will have to be restricted; restrictions which are likely to make negative demands on us.

All four of the enabling group being over the age of 70 (two well over 80), are the wrong age to stabilise the situation and lead the Quiet Garden into the future, possibly needing the necessary technological input which none of us has.

We have therefore decided that, after 7 years, we should completely close the present Quiet Garden, leaving freedom for the wonderful spirit of the Quiet Garden Movement to move each of us into closer communion with each other and God in Trinity through what is emerging and which we cannot as yet discern.

In these uncertain times, I wish you and your church many blessings. Sue Harrison

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