Joint APCM 2020 This Wednesday!

This year’s joint APCM will be held on 14 October at 7pm in St Stephen’s Church. It will be different from usual, as due to the COVID-19 restrictions we are limited to no more than 40 in the church.
“Once the short legal elements of the APCM are completed, we would like to take the opportunity to spend 30 – 40 minutes hearing from you and reflecting together on the experience of the past 6 months as a church body. What have we done well as the church of God in our communities? What could we have been done better? And what do we feel we could be doing in the months ahead as we seek to serve God together? Please pray about this and please, if you are able, take this opportunity to join us.”
Please remember will need to book – this also applies to all PCC members. To do this please contact Lynn Mears on 07796402169 or 01243 537190 email:
Sorry but there will be no refreshments this year.

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