Our Team

Revd. Stephen Everard: Stephen joined the team in 2016.  Here is how he summarises his role in the team:

I have been Assistant Curate in the Benefice since my ordination in June 2016.  Aged 65, I am a self-supporting minister (SSM) who also works nearly full time as a social worker and team manager in St Barnabas Hospice, Worthing.  I am married to Jane, a special needs coordinator in a Primary School who is also training to be a counsellor.  We have a daughter, Naomi, who is about to start a Childhood Studies course at Bristol University.

My role within the church during my curacy has mostly been on Sundays, leading services and preaching, although I have led a small group looking at “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” and also been involved in the “Hope in Action” outreach project to the local community.

My wife and I are currently seeking God’s will for our futures, but have committed ourselves to remain in the Benefice for a year of the Interregnum.”

Katrina Walker: Katrina joined the team in April 2017 during her Reader training and was Licensed in September 2017.  Here is how she summarises her role in the team:

  • Lead and preach – with a particular responsibility for the reflective service at St Stephen’s and Morning Praise at Hunston
  • Devise rota for servers, intercessors, and readers
  • Act as server, intercessor or reader
  • Lead the monthly prayer meeting at St Stephen’s
  • Pastoral visiting including Home Communion
  • Organiser for Pastoral Visiting Team (though most visiting takes place informally and the concept of a team has been slow to happen)
  • Write the monthly Prayer Diary for CONNECT – our monthly magazine for the Benefice
  • Resource material and lead Advent and Lent study groups
  • I have recently completed the training to enable me to conduct funerals. 

Alistair Ghinn: Alistair started working as a self-employed ‘Youth Mission Worker’ in 2015, offering service and support to churches in a 10 mile radius from his home in Selsey.  His hopes for his work with our parishes are:

  • To help young people grow in their inner confidence of who they are and encourage them discover their life’s purpose
  • To create a safe environment for young people to have fun as well as learn some good life skills
  • To support parents and carers in the massive responsibility of preparing young people for adulthood
  • To support and service all ages of our churches through teaching and application of God’s word and through regular prayer.

Victor Malan:

Victor was the last but one incumbent and returned to the Benefice following his retirement some years ago and occasionally takes services. 

St Stephen’s: The Churchwardens are:

Lynn Mears is a retired teacher andmoved into North Mundham 6 years ago.  She has been a member of the PCC for 5 years and plays an active part in the church life.  She became churchwarden in March 2018.

Robert Leeder has lived in the parish all his life and is a Horticultural Engineer working for a local Glasshouse lettuce and basil producer.  He has been a member of the church family since childhood, been on the PCC for 8 or so years and been churchwarden for the last 4 and a bit years. 

St Leodegar’s: The Churchwardens are:

Joan Duberley who has been a member of the church family for 48 years and is a long standing member of the PCC and also currently Deanery Lay Representative for St Leodegar’s.

Peter Sanders moved to Chichester 6 years ago, recently retired as a charities and cathedral Chief Officer and has been a member of the PCC for the last few years.

Joint PCC Secretary:

Gillian Sanders was a private piano teacher, and currently works for Portsmouth Diocese as an administrator. 

She has been Joint PCC Secretary for the last 3 years.


Fran Jones has recently joined the team as our organist.