St. Stephen’s Church

The illustration below shows the main updates to the 1938 plan on the British History Online website. The red line (north-south) represents the new wall added to form St Stephen’s Room next to the Tower. Above the room is a gallery for additional congregation. The Font was moved as shown, and the north door into the Nave sealed.

Further information on the history of St. Stephen’s Church can be found by clicking here for an online leaflet or by visiting the British History Online website.


The War Memorial in the graveyard at St. Stephen’s Church features twenty-four names of local heroes from WW1 and WW2.  Visit the Roll of Honour website for a detailed description.




The History of the Church of St Stephen, North Mundham

Compiled by David Coward, a DVD is available for sale reflecting the
history of the Church of St Stephen at North Mundham from its probable
8th century beginnings to modern times, with information about its
Patrons, Incumbents, Church Wardens, Architecture, Furnishings and other
related aspects.
It includes more than 21,000 words on 74 pages with 88 illustrations.
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