Come and pray Thy Kingdom Come at Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral is creating beautiful, interactive ways to pray in response to Archbishop Justin Welby calling the Church to pray in the days leading up to Pentecost. Themed around the Lord’s Prayer, pause to pray for your family and friends in the tranquil garden, praise God’s holy name in the majestic Throne Room. Suitable for people of all ages, there will be space to reflect on your life and pray creatively for people in need throughout the world as we come together to pray Thy Kingdome Come.
To celebrate our praying together Stu Barbour and his band from the Point Church will be leading worship in the Cathedral on Saturday 3rd June at 7.30 pm.
Thy Kingdom Come will be situated in the North Transept and is open from Wednesday 31st May until Saturday 3rd June between 8.30am – 7.00pm.

James’ 4 points about ‘Giving’

1. Thank you to everybody who so generously gives to our church. it is massively appreciated.
2. If you don’t yet give please do seriously consider it. Do please speak to either of our Treasurers about it. Mike Freeman at St.Stephen’s: or Mike Waite at St.Leodegar’s:
3. If you do give but don’t use the Parish Giving Scheme please would you give that some careful consideration. Please do speak to either Treasurer or to Arthur Broadhurst: 606757. (you can still use the PGS even if not a tax payer).
4. If you do already give please just take a moment to review what you do give. I know for myself that I can set up Direct Debits and then just leave them running when actually raising them by a few £’s every couple of years in keeping with rising costs is important.
Any further questions/queries do feel free to contact me on 782003.


The Beacon Service: June 4th

I will be doing a Bible Overview at this service – ‘The bible in an hour’. This was the talk that I gave at a number of Deaneries across the Diocese in January and February as part of the Diocesan ‘Year of the Bible’ roadshow events. A number of our people came to the roadshow in Fishbourne at the end of February so don’t feel you need to come again! Others have expressed an interest in hearing the talk. So if you’d like to do please join us. James

Israel Trip 2017

How the time has flown by since I arrived back from Israel on April 15th! Everybody has shown such interest in the trip and I am so grateful for all your support and prayers. It was a great time and I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with people. So, with that in mind, you are all warmly invited to an ‘Israel Evening’ at St.Stephen’s on Thursday, June 8th. Time: 7.30-9pm.

New helpers needed for Little Sunbeams Parent and Toddler Group

We require new helpers for this church group that meets during term time on Thursday mornings in North Mundham Village Hall.

The group is for 0-4 year olds and their carers, it has been running for 8 years under St Stephen’s and St Leodegar’s and it has been a great way of getting to know and supporting local young families, but for it to continue we need some new people on board. If you would be able to help please speak to Annabel Russell, Mary Smith or Liz Malan.