Pastoral Visiting Team

As we seek to develop our pastoral care within our churches and the wider community we feel that it would be a real help and benefit if we can set up a Pastoral Visiting Team. Pastoral Visitors would be on hand to visit and care for people who are in difficult situations and who would value particular support at such a time. Specific areas of need might include supporting those who are coming to terms with bereavement or those facing up to illness and the need for hospital care. Pastoral Visitors can have a key role to play in offering focussed support for people as well as being able to pray with those who would find that helpful. Initial training will be provided for those who would like to be on the team – certainly enough training to get people to the start line as it were! As things develop more will be put in place in keeping with the need.

Please be assured that visitors will never be dealing with a situation alone and that there will be on-going support available for people wanting to de-brief after a visit. Please also be assured that there is no expectation that each pastoral visitor will be able to offer a response to ALL of the potential needs that might be presented – that’s why having a number of people on the team with different gifts would be helpful. In terms of time commitment, whatever you can give will be hugely appreciated. Some people might be able to give a couple of hours a month, others more. Time will also need to be made for termly team meetings. If you would like to be a member of this new team then please do speak to James (Vicar), Stephen (Curate) or Katrina (Lay Reader).

‘Paraclesis’ Feedback on the feedback!

‘Paraclesis’ Feedback on the feedback!

  • People felt that the course was helpful in reminding them of key Christian themes and encouraging them to engage with those around them.
  • Some people found it helpful looking at the same theme over two weeks but others felt it dragged.
  • Generally people were glad to have the book to refer to.
  • Those who engaged with the material in a midweek group as well as on a Sunday found it particularly helpful as things could be looked at and discussed in more detail.
  • The general feeling was that it was a good thing to have done and interesting to have tried something new. It was a helpful reminder of how we should live as Christian believers.

Archdeaconary Pilgrimage

As part of the Diocesan Year of Prayer you are invited to take part in a pilgrimage to Chichester Cathedral on Saturday, June 9th. We meet at the Hunston canal bridge at 10.30am and then make our way to the Cathedral for a Eucharist at 12noon followed by a ‘Bring & Share’ lunch. The pilgrimage will be led by Bishop Mark and the Archdeacon of Chichester, Douglas McKittrick.

If you would like to come please sign up at the back of church.

Thank you,

Help Required

Would anyone like to join the youth group team to assist Alistair and others running Lighthouse or Solid Rock youth groups?

Both groups are on alternate Wednesday evenings at The Annexe, North Mundham.

It is a lot of fun and the young people are fabulous.

If you’d like to just try one evening before committing, that would be fine, but please make a prior arrangement to visit.

For more details contact Alistair or James